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Update Post! E-Book on How to Study Economics (3rd Ed.) by JC Economics Essays

[This is an updated post replacing the earlier post on the e-book How To Learn Economics. Thank you once again to kind supporters!]


Hi my dear readers, 

E-Book on How to Study Economics (3rd Ed.) by JC Economics Essays

As you know, JC Economics Essays is an economics blog collection of sample model essays from former students, teachers, and National Institute of Education (NIE) trainee teachers, and some economics articles written by myself, for reference and reading.

Basically, this blog is about economics essays, of all sorts and from a variety of sources. I edit some of the essays and comment on some of them, and they all demonstrate different perspectives on how to approach economics essays. 

However, the main focus of this entire economics blog is mainly on essays. 

There have of course been a few economics articles on this site on how to write a good economics paragraph and how to craft good macroeconomics essays, but generally speaking this economics blog has a lot of material on economics, essay writing, and essays in general and much less in the way of how to study economics. 

In the link below (yes, this is a plug, a shout out, a sharing! :)) I have an updated (June 2015) e-book called How to Study Economics, which is about effective studying skills, useful methods of learning, and means of how to learn Economics effectively. 

Do visit it and if you're interested you could buy the book, and thus contribute to Sallyforth Enterprise, which is a social enterprise dedicated to sharing profits to help underprivileged communities in less developed economies, women, and widows. 

So, what will you learn from How to Study Economics (3rd Ed.)?

In this new and updated e-book on How to Study Economics, you will learn:

1. the secrets of how to study Economics effectively, directly, and relevantly

2. the secrets of how to craft excellent Economics essays that will score high marks reliably and consistently in tests and examinations  

3. the secrets to successfully ace your Case Study Questions 

4. additional useful economics content and material above and beyond what you learn in school

5. and how to make strong analytical comments about the Singapore macroeconomy 

Hope you can support this e-book, and concomitantly support social enterprise and charity, while at the same time learning relevant and useful  material. Thank you very much! 

Also, all the very best for studying economics! Just do your best and apply what you have learnt. Hopefully this economics blog and the ebook might help you ace the subject :)

Thank you very much for reading and cheers!

Editor of JC Economics Essays

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Please do NOT Plagiarise or Copy Economics Essays

It is one thing to learn how to write good economics essays from sample or model economics essays, but another thing if you plagiarise or copy. Do not copy economics essays.

First, if you are handing in an assignment online, there are checkers online which track sources (such as turnitin). Please craft assignments yourself. Second, if you are handing in a handwritten essay, if you copy, you will not learn and will thus not benefit, nor earn good grades when the real economics examination rolls round. Third, you can always write better essays given time and improvement. Fourth, copying is illegal under most conditions. Do not copy economics essays.

This is an economics site for you to learn how to write good economics essays by reading a range of useful articles on writing, study essay responses and contributions and sample/ model economics essays from students, teachers, and editors. We hope you can learn useful and relevant writing skills in the field of economics from our economics site. Thank you for reading and cheers!