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Notice to Readers: What is JC Economics Essays All About? ... and A Sales Pitch

Hi everyone, and welcome to JC Economics Essays. This is an important notice and also a sales pitch for economics and for social enterprise. 

The history and backstory of JC Economics Essays

I am the editor of JC Economics Essays - I am an economics blogger who curates this blog I set up years ago. 

I set up this economics blog in late 2007 (technically, in 2007, the blog people read back then was the predecessor or grandfather of today's wildly successful and popular site you now see right here). 

Back then, I wanted to share essays to help students understand what it took to craft a good economics essay, and to share good or interesting essays that I have read or written. 

These values still hold true today. 

In fact, many years later, this collection of essays written by a multitude of wonderful and hardworking contributors, as well as my kind self, has become a famous and popular blog.  

What is JC Economics Essays about?

JC Economics Essays is an economics blog that shares mainly economics essays contributed by A level students from many junior colleges all around Singapore, as well as economics essays contributed by teachers and professors alike. 

However, beyond H1, H2, and H3 economics essays, it also shares essay writing tips and techniques, methods of addressing examination questions, economics quotes, and undergraduate and post-graduate economics essays on a variety of related topics. It also features some London School of Economics masters essays too, as a matter of fact!

Basically, it's an economics blog of fairly wide range and scope. 

What is it not?

However, JC Economics Essays is not affiliated to any economics tuition centres or businesses with similar names, although I am flattered that they have tried to mimic our success. We have over 56,000 unique visitors from all over the world and from Singapore at the time of this notice (5th June 2015). 

Competition in a free market is a real thing - there are lots of people attempting to copy my site's success. One particular competitor even copied the concept of the picture I took - but then again imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Some competitors are even using the same keywords that I have been using since 2007. 

To emphasise my point: the ideas, concepts, words, and economics essays from this economics blog are free for everyone to access, with the caveat that plagiarism is not good for learning. My emphasis will, and always has been, that learning economics should be a proactive process of reading and self-directed learning. This is a free website, with good material for reading - but not for copying of course.  

I also have to say that if any of the essays are copied from this site, that would constitute copyright infringement, which is illegal, in additional to plagiarism, which is intellectual dishonesty. 

Why do I explain what it is not?

Why I wrote this section on what this site is not about comes from something a friend told me. 

She told me that, wow, you have so many competitors with the same or similar name as yours - JC Economics this, and JC Economics Essays that! Some of them even have similar and undifferentiated domain names. And she even spotted that particular website by another author who also used a similar picture to mine (mine was taken earlier). She also commented that there are a lot of tuition centres following the model essay approach I used, way back in 2007. (They have the right to do that, by the way. It's perfectly fine. I am purely writing this so that you know that they are not me, and my economics blog is different and unique.)

Well, the name I chose for my blog was common and totally "unbranded", with simple words, because I wanted to make it easy for students to find good, useful, and accessible economics materials. 

In fact, it's literally JC Economics Essays.  

I wrote this to help new readers differentiate between this economics blog and other sites you may see online, because lots of people use a similar name (as I said, they are free to do so, naturally). 

First, JC Economics Essays is not a business, and is a free economics essays blog with contributions and perspectives. Yes, Google Ads may provide sponsorship, but you do not pay when you visit this site. 

Second, this site is also about self-directed learning and research, and not about tuition. In fact, I do not even include diagrams in the blog so that students can get some practice thinking or drawing. 

If you want economics tuition, you can get it. 

You can get tuition from those other companies, if you want tuition. 

My point, to reassure fans, friends, and loyal readers is: JC Economics Essays was and will always remain a free economics blog. It is not a business, and it is not about tuition. 

... For tuition, please refer to my kind sponsors and my kind competitors. 

However, although this site is free, now I do indeed have a sales pitch or proposition to make which might benefit society. So, please do help me here. 

Support Social Enterprise

If you are interested in buying excellent quality yet affordable economics material - namely How to Study Economics (3rd Ed.) and economics notes, please visit Sallyforth Enterprise (online shop). For the economics e-books that we have written, they do have diagrams and pictures, and provide useful and affordable material that are relevant, impactful, and effective to use. 

We have donated our e-books to Sallyforth Enterprise, a social enterprise that donates portions of profits to charity. You can buy our e-books and economics notes (coming soon!) from Sallyforth Enterprise. 

By the way, some very kind and encouraging supporters bought the earlier editions of the book, even though the costs were higher back then; if you are reading this, thank you for your kind support and also for putting up with the fact that back then technology was limited (I admit, I was a luddite). Thank you because your support is really valued and important. 

What is Sallyforth Enterprise? Please click here to visit Sallyforth Enterprise (her weebly.com website). 

Sallyforth Enterprise is a social enterprise providing education on personal effectiveness, financial management, entrepreneurship, and business strategies, while contributing portions of profits to support the needy and underprivileged, especially in less developed economies, and especially for women and widows. We strongly support what Sallyforth Enterprise's charitable work. 

Please help support social enterprise in Singapore! Thank you very much for your kind support.

So, to wrap up -

In conclusion, I hope to have shown you that this a free economics essays blog that is not a business nor a tuition centre (those people are using similar names, but it is not me and my kind friends). 

I also hope to have shared my enthusiasm and passion for supporting social enterprise, as well as effective and affordable economics e-books and material. 

Finally, I would love to thank once again all kind contributors, supporters, friends, and family for your kind support, without which this economics essays blog would not have had its amazing success. You have made it all happen with your generosity, kindness, and spirit of learning and adventure. 

Thank you especially to the loyal fans who really make this work. For all your feedback and support through thick and thin - simply wonderful and amazing. 

Thank you very much for your kind support! Thanks for reading, and cheers.  

JC Economics Essays

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Please do NOT Plagiarise or Copy Economics Essays

It is one thing to learn how to write good economics essays from sample or model economics essays, but another thing if you plagiarise or copy. Do not copy economics essays.

First, if you are handing in an assignment online, there are checkers online which track sources (such as turnitin). Please craft assignments yourself. Second, if you are handing in a handwritten essay, if you copy, you will not learn and will thus not benefit, nor earn good grades when the real economics examination rolls round. Third, you can always write better essays given time and improvement. Fourth, copying is illegal under most conditions. Do not copy economics essays.

This is an economics site for you to learn how to write good economics essays by reading a range of useful articles on writing, study essay responses and contributions and sample/ model economics essays from students, teachers, and editors. We hope you can learn useful and relevant writing skills in the field of economics from our economics site. Thank you for reading and cheers!