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Thank you note to supporters of JC Economics Essays

From time to time, and for totally random reasons, I do write a thank you note to my readers, fans, and visitors. This is one of them - and if you are looking for economics essays as promised, do use the relevant links and search boxes on this site to get to the economics resources that you need. Thank you very much!

Back to the note, I think it is only right to write (pun intended) a personal note to those who have read the edited essays on this site, and laboured through some of my own writing, and for those who have given me ideas for improvement. 

And in this particular case - I am writing a thank you note to those who have supported JC Economics Essays' e-books. 

As you may be acutely aware, JC Economics Essays has a few e-books which we have shared with Sallyforth Enterprise, to raise funds for social missions. After all, for example, raising standards of living are as much a social as an economic issue; providing public goods can be done through private institutions and governments alike, and so on. 

This year has seen some sales of the e-books, from a relatively slow start during the last two years. 

And this is as it should, as we build up some reputation and brand equity - which I have been doing for this economics blog for the last 10 years (without really knowing how in the beginning during those early days, and only deliberately marketing and strategising our communications in the past few years). 

On this note, Sallyforth Enterprise and JC Economics Essays would like to thank all our readers, fans, and customers for supporting our economics products. (This portion of the note has already appeared on Facebook.)

Our customers have spoken: 

The top two most popular economics e-books are "How to Study Economics" and "Success in Macroeconomics" - probably because these two popular books directly and relevantly address most students' needs. 

In fact, the most viewed economics product is "How to Study Economics", and with my relevant expertise (other than the fact that I had taught economics for many years and I established, and still run, an economics essays site), students are in good company! Economics students will benefit greatly from reading about the strategies I recommend (and this is also for a good cause). 

And "Success in Microeconomics", "Success in University Scholarship Interviews", and "Perspectives from Prey Veng Cambodia" are the next most popular e-books. Although I am not too sure why Microeconomics is behind Macroeconomics... this deserves detailed study. 

But unfortunately, the rest of the e-books - and quite honestly purely Sallyforth Enterprise content in particular - could be a lot more popular - and we will work on producing quality content that readers will support and learn from. We will get better!

Thank you for your kind support and contributions - cheers!

And thank you for reading - I always say that, and I mean it. I wouldn't be here without your support.

Thank you!

Update: An exciting development is in the works! Sallyforth Enterprise will be organising a pilot seminar in June 2017 - hopefully it can be a staple event where I can share my knowledge, tips, and techniques - and will be inviting me to give a talk on economics. More details and information will follow soon! Do stay tuned for more this exciting upcoming development. Thank you! :)

JC Economics Essays - For "A" level H1, H2, or H3 Economics resources, model economics essays, and now even extended essays for IB economics. For a range of economics resources and model answers at a range of levels. Thank you for supporting us, and cheers. 

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Please do NOT Plagiarise or Copy Economics Essays

It is one thing to learn how to write good economics essays from sample or model economics essays, but another thing if you plagiarise or copy. Do not copy economics essays.

First, if you are handing in an assignment online, there are checkers online which track sources (such as turnitin). Please craft assignments yourself. Second, if you are handing in a handwritten essay, if you copy, you will not learn and will thus not benefit, nor earn good grades when the real economics examination rolls round. Third, you can always write better essays given time and improvement. Fourth, copying is illegal under most conditions. Do not copy economics essays.

This is an economics site for you to learn how to write good economics essays by reading a range of useful articles on writing, study essay responses and contributions and sample/ model economics essays from students, teachers, and editors. We hope you can learn useful and relevant writing skills in the field of economics from our economics site. Thank you for reading and cheers!