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E-Book: Success in Microeconomics - A Concise Companion to Core Concepts

Hi my dear readers, 

Hope my post finds you well. Kindly allow me to introduce "Success in Microeconomics - A Concise Companion to Core Concepts", a useful resource I have written that explains core theories and concepts in microeconomics in a clear-cut, simple manner, that is easy to master and effective in addressing a variety of microeconomic issues and questions.

In other words, I introduce my effective, simple, powerful guide to Microeconomics, to assist you in your journey towards success in economics. 

As I said in my previous post here on this site, many economics students want high quality economics notes and explanations in key arguments or main points, rather than long verbose academic explanations, with running pages of yet more masses of information, additional case studies, and many more pages of academic appendices and annexes.

In fact, many lecture notes write a mass of academic information rather than focusing on the important theories and concepts needed for educational success - and depth of understanding in economics is as important as breadth, if not more important in examinations.

What would be a useful and relevant economics guide, that had important theories and useful concepts in the subject?

That provision of a useful and relevant economics guide was the fundamental basis of Success in Macroeconomics (kindly see my previous post on Macroeconomics), which would be useful for economics students preparing for the H1/H2 / A level Economics examination. Thank you for your kind support if you have taken up this excellent opportunity.

This e-book on Microeconomics would be useful for students preparing for the A level Economics examination (H1, and H2 Economics, likewise) as well.

What are the secrets to success in Microeconomics?

What are the secrets? What will you learn in this effective, clear-cut, and relevantly concise guide to the most important microeconomic theories and concepts?

(1) Clear, concise definitions to important microeconomic theories and useful concepts, like the central problem of economics, and the price mechanism of demand and supply with elasticities; 

(2) Simply effective step-by-step arguments and methods to construct a convincing economic case, either for or against any economic position, on a range of microeconomic questions on a variety of economic topics or theoretical academic areas

(3) Many common market failures (and how to explain them carefully to score the highest marks possible) and how governments may or may not respond in some policy-problem cases (and how to explain them carefully)

(4) The most useful and powerful economics diagrams that economics students can use in their economics essays, with clear-cut, step-by-step explanations to effectively analyse economic questions, along with simple yet effective tables and figures for easy memorisation

(5) Useful, relevant, theoretical knowledge for crafting strong economic analysis on a variety of relevant contemporary microeconomic issues 

Most importantly, my e-book can be used as a set of simple yet clear-cut economics notes for easy memorisation, for success in economics examinations, giving economics students an edge over others who have to wade through a mass of information and make sense of a bewildering array of information and red herrings.

With concise yet incisive economic arguments, with fundamental microeconomic theories and concepts, this book can be used for time-effective and cost-effective examination preparation, helping economics students prepare for examinations for high achievement in academic success.

Furthermore, this useful microeconomics e-book can also be used as an excellent complementary companion for supplementary reading, because it focuses on microeconomic issues and useful concepts.

I have kindly contributed this e-book to Sallyforth Enterprise, a social enterprise which strongly supports social enterprises, volunteerism, and charity, donating part of all proceeds to charity. Most of the beneficiaries are underprivileged in less developed communities, women, and widows. I always think win-win, and this is win-win indeed!

Thank you very much for your kind, invaluable support.

In Success in Microeconomics, you will be receiving in this e-book:

Pages of Success in Microeconomics:
80 pages including cover pages
Chapters of Success in Microeconomics:
27 chapters
Edition of Success in Microeconomics:
1st Edition
Details of Success in Microeconomics:
Full colour e-book; high resolution tables, figures, diagrams; pictorial and digitally drawn economics diagrams wherever relevant

Do get your copy right now, if you want to learn about success in microeconomics.

Thank you very much for reading and thank you for your kind support!

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