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H1 and H2 A Level Economics Essay Questions for Practice

H1 and H2 A Level Economics Essay Questions for Practice 


Here are some Economics essay questions for students to practice, amended and adapted from past year "A" level Economics examination question papers. 

Think about these Economics questions and how you would approach these essays, what Economics materials would you use, and what diagrams would you need to answer these questions? 

For practice purposes, this set of questions posed below range from Microeconomics to Macroeconomics to international trade, but mainly focuses on Microeconomics materials. 

I will be posting hints for these questions in the next post, followed by possible answers and possible approaches to these Economics questions, to help students in their revision.

H1 and H2 A Level Economics Essay Questions for Practice 

“Protectionism is better than free trade.” Discuss. [15]

Analyse how imperfect information can lead to market failure, using examples from the United Kingdom or United States. [15]

Explain the likely demand and supply factors affecting the oil (petroleum) market. [10]

Explain how you would use GDP to measure the performance of the Chinese economy. [10]

Explain the difference between public goods and merit goods, using examples from the United Kingdom. [10] 

Explain using economic theory why in the United Kingdom, entry to national museums and art galleries is free and tickets to the opera are subsidised. [10]

Discuss how the Singapore government deal with negative externalities in Singapore. [10]

Explain how fiscal policy in the USA can be used to increase the circular flow of income in the USA. [10]

Explain comparative advantage and why trade is beneficial for countries. [10] 

“Market failure in Singapore is mainly caused by negative externalities.” Discuss. [25]

Discuss how increases in government taxes would affect the USA economy. [25] 

JC Economics Essays - In this post, I pose a few H1 and H2 A level Economics Essay Questions for students to practice; essay hints and possible sample or model Economics essays will soon be on this site. Thanks for reading and cheers!

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