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Notice! :)

Dear students, readers, and passers by :)

This is the author and editor of the site. In this site, I've put up Economics essays - some of which I have written myself, and some of which I have edited from various contributors, mainly A level economics students. Some were former Economics students and some are actual students still in JC. The best way to learn Economics for A levels and to prepare for the examinations is to read actual essays and see how they are done; or to try your own essays and then compare them with the ones presented here.

However, I have not been posting for some time, and currently there are no diagrams on my Economics site (because I am not high tech enough to put them up on jpeg or some kind of picture file format, and also because it's quite hard to use Blogger.com to do all sorts of interesting things).

Here is a notice: I will be posting more and more Economics essays on this site, and maybe a companion Economics website, soon! :) I hope that works out!

New announcement: my friend is going to set up a commercial Economics website which will come up soon, in late July 2012 or early August 2012, so do stay tuned for this new and exciting development! It will provide Economics materials, essays, case study materials, and other additional learning materials which will be handy for Economics students. Do stay tuned for that new and exciting development!

New announcement no. 2: I have launched new Economics material! Special thanks to my students and other people who have contributed to this project. Thanks and cheers :)

I hope that helps and this is a good notice for people who come here to this blog hoping to learn some Economics or to read good Economics essays. So stay tuned for more, and hopefully this works out well. Be sure not to plagiarise - be sure to make good use of the materials here for self study and revision!

Thanks for reading, and cheers,
The editor

JC Economics Essays - What this blog is about: sample or model essays, good essays, and some really interesting, useful, and good Economics materials and advice for Cambridge or GCE or GCSE or UCLES "A" levels: either H1, H2, or even H3 Economics.

PS Thanks to all the good nice people who gave me good, interesting, useful comments and advice! :)

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Please do NOT Plagiarise or Copy Economics Essays

It is one thing to learn how to write good economics essays from sample or model economics essays, but another thing if you plagiarise or copy. Do not copy economics essays.

First, if you are handing in an assignment online, there are checkers online which track sources (such as turnitin). Please craft assignments yourself. Second, if you are handing in a handwritten essay, if you copy, you will not learn and will thus not benefit, nor earn good grades when the real economics examination rolls round. Third, you can always write better essays given time and improvement. Fourth, copying is illegal under most conditions. Do not copy economics essays.

This is an economics site for you to learn how to write good economics essays by reading a range of useful articles on writing, study essay responses and contributions and sample/ model economics essays from students, teachers, and editors. We hope you can learn useful and relevant writing skills in the field of economics from our economics site. Thank you for reading and cheers!